What are some Common Open Channel Flow Errors to Avoid?

In water management systems that deals with open channel flow, taking accurate measurement is the key to long-term success. Unfortunately, there are a variety of issues that can affect the accuracy of your measurements, and if you aren’t aware of these issues, it can be hard to get the consistent readings that your operation needs.

Fortunately, once you learn about common open channel flow measurement errors, you can easily avoid these problems and improve the efficiency of your operation. Learn how to avoid open channel flow errors and why your water management operation needs high-quality fiberglass tools from the right manufacturer.


The biggest source of errors when it comes to measuring open channel flow are a result of an improper installation. No matter the flow measuring tool that you use, errors in installation can cause long-term problems with the accuracy of your readings.

For example, if your system uses a thin plate weir, you may need a weir pool. Weir pools have very specific size requirements. If your weir pool is too small, it can lead to readings that are too high. For operations that use fiberglass flumes, the flume must be installed on a level surface if you want to be sure that your readings are accurate. Take special care to install your measurement tools correctly if you want successful flow readings.

Proper Maintenance

Another issue that you may not realize can decrease the accuracy of your readings is a lack of regular maintenance. While fiberglass water management tools are resistant to damage, they still require periodic maintenance in order to maintain their functionality and accuracy.

In water management systems that use weirs, the main risk of ignoring maintenance is sedimentation blocking your weir crest or debris accumulating in your weir pool. If you use flumes in a cold weather location, you will need to regularly check for frost heave. Be certain that your operators are performing regular maintenance on your flow measurement tool so that your operation’s efficiency is guaranteed.

Picking the Right Device

If you’re not experienced in choosing a flow management device, then you might not realize that individual flumes and weirs have limited flow ranges where they will be effective. When you don’t properly match your measurement device to the typical flow rate your system will experience, then you will not be able to take the accurate measurements that you need.

It’s also important to be aware that measurement tools have both high and low ranges. If the flow in your system falls outside either of these ranges, your readings will be inaccurate. To make sure you pick the right tool for your flow, it’s important to work with a water management professional.

Avoid Open Channel Flow Errors with Help

As you can see, there are several open channel flow errors that you need to be aware of if you want your system to operate successfully. The best way to avoid these common open channel flow errors is to install the right tools, which means you need to start shopping with Tracom, FRP.

In the Tracom catalogue, you’ll be able to find the accurate, versatile water management tools that you need, including multiple styles of flumes and years. Contact Tracom today and request a quote so that you can improve the accuracy of your operation.



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