Choosing Fiberglass for Your Water Management Tools

There are countless excellent tools that you could use to measure the flow in your water management system, including weirs and a wide variety of flumes. Once you’ve chosen the right tool for your operation, the next most important decision is what material will be used to construct your flow measurement tools.

While it’s common for water operations to opt for metal measuring tools, these pose certain risks, such as corrosion and heavy weight. If you’re looking for the most versatile manufacturing material possible, you should consider fiberglass. Learn more about using fiberglass water management tools, and find out the many benefits of using this high-quality, durable material.


The drawback of using metal-like galvanized steel for your water management tools is that metal is extremely heavy. This can make it very difficult to install your tools and can make them hard to transport if you need to move your tools across your operation.

Fiberglass, on the other hand, is very lightweight. This means you can install your measurement tools quickly and effectively, and, if need be, you can transport your tools to multiple locations on your worksite without difficulty.


In a high-stress water management operation, it’s possible for your measurement tools to experience a tremendous amount of wear and tear over time. With metal products, this includes risks like rusting and corrosion, particularly if you’re measuring industrial flows or sewage.

If you want to make sure that your flow measurement tools last as long as possible, you need to make sure that they are made from fiberglass. Fiberglass possesses a thin gel coat that makes it resistant to corrosion as well as long-term ultraviolet damage. In addition, fiberglass is highly resistant to other forms of wear and tear, meaning you’ll be able to accurately measure your flows well into the future.

Additionally, this reduces the amount of maintenance that your system requires, freeing your operators to concentrate on other, more important tasks.

Install in Any System

One of the main obstacles that water management systems encounter is finding a flow measurement tool that is suitable for existing channels. Unfortunately, with materials like metal, it can be difficult to construct these tools in custom shapes, limiting their applications.

Customization is another advantage that fiberglass possesses over other materials. With the right mold, fiberglass can be formed into any shape that you need, meaning you can design your flow measurement tools to the precise specifications of your system. Choose fiberglass if you want your tools constructed in the right shape and the right size.

Learn More About Fiberglass Water Management Tools

Clearly, fiberglass is the best choice when you need to construct versatile, durable, and lightweight flow management tools for your water management system. If you want the highest quality fiberglass water management tools possible, you only need to shop with Tracom, FRP.

Unlike other manufacturers you could work with, Tracom specializes in fiberglass products. This guarantees you’ll be getting the tools your operation needs to succeed. Contact Tracom today to request a product quote and to learn more about the many advantages of choosing flow measurement tools made from fiberglass.