Benefits Of Adding A Trapezoidal Flume To Your Flow Management Operation

Trapezoidal flumes are a very unique type of flow management device. Their signature shape makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications, particularly in outdoor settings, and they also provide consistent readings that open channel flow operations need. If you’re not familiar with this flume style, it can be a good idea to learn more about this device, including its advantages and where they can be installed. Find out where you can install trapezoidal flumes and learn about some of the biggest benefits of adding this flow management device to your operation.

Where to Use Your Trapezoidal Flume

The biggest benefit about trapezoidal flumes is they can be used in almost every outdoor application imaginable. While these flumes were originally designed to be installed in irrigation channels, they have become the go-to options for measuring runoff in ditches for several reasons.

For starters, because of their unique shape, you can install trapezoidal flumes in ditches without the need to make major modifications to the installation channel. Not only does this help to reduce your costs, it speeds up the installation process so you can start taking measurements much sooner. Transitioning flow into your flume and discharging it out the other end is also much easier with trapezoidal flumes because their shape is identical to most ditches and irrigation channels.

Measuring a Range of Flows

Whether you need to measure flow in an irrigation channel or runoff in a ditch, a trapezoidal flume will allow you to easily measure a wide range of flow rates, which is another of the big benefits of this device. Unlike other types of flumes you could choose, trapezoidal flumes are adept at measuring low flow rates, and when the flow increases, they can handle the new flow rate easily as well.

This flume’s ability makes it particularly useful for ditch runoff measurements, as the flow rate is rarely consistent. For example, when there is a rainstorm, the flow rate in a ditch can increase rapidly, making it important to have a primary device that can handle the widest range of flow rates possible.

Avoiding Blockages

We’ve already discussed how trapezoidal flumes are the best choice for outdoor flow management, but they can also be used in certain industrial applications. For instance, the shape of this flume allows solid matter to easily pass through the flume along with the flow, which is why you can commonly find trapezoidal flumes in sanitary operations. With other flumes, solid material can build up and eventually block the flow, but this isn’t a concern with a trapezoidal flume.

Purchase a Trapezoidal Flume

Now that you know where you can install trapezoidal flumes, you need to purchase this device for your operations. Fortunately, you can quickly and easily find the flow management devices that are right for you with Tracom, FRP.

Tracom is your top choice for a flume manufacturer. Our fiberglass flumes are reliable and affordable, and are available in multiple styles, meaning you’ll be able to find an option suiting your needs perfectly. Get a trapezoidal flume quote today or ask us about our other quality fiberglass flow measurement devices.

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