Benefits of Metering Manholes

packaged metering manhole


Metering manholes have a lot to offer in a variety of different applications, and they could be the perfect solution to your flow channel needs. They come with numerous advantages you won’t want to miss out on, so make sure to give them serious consideration for your next application. Learn about the benefits of metering manholes, and discover whether they’re right for you.

Single-Unit Construction

Metering manholes are conveniently a single piece, making both the construction and installation process easy. You can also expect some serious savings as well. The single-unit construction also helps the manhole to be watertight and keep every aspect of it aligned, including the flow rate measurement device integrated inside. Even larger manholes that come in multiple pieces are designed to utilize convenient adhesive to ensure a watertight seal when put together.

Compatibility With Multiple Device Types

All sorts of flumes can be used in metering manholes, so it’s easy to find something that uniquely fits your flow channel conditions. Similar to other flume applications, the Parshall and Palmer-Bowlus styles are the most common. Even so, it’s easy enough to outfit a manhole with one of the more uncommon styles like trapezoidal, cutthroat and HS/H flumes. You can even implement a weir instead in certain situations if your flow channel conditions are more appropriate for that kind of setup.

Top Variety

The top of a manhole plays a major role in its overall integration into the flow channel. You can use a domed top if all you have to worry about is keeping out debris and interference from outside, but that’s not exactly applicable in places that get a lot of traffic. Fortunately, you’ll also find flat tops that can be flush with the ground. These tops have different levels of strength as well, with some being rated for pedestrians and others being strong enough to handle vehicular traffic.

Size Range

Metering manholes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find something that fits your unique flow channel conditions. Plus, they can be outfitted with couplings and ladders, making it easy to both integrate with and access from existing systems. Depths in particular can be quite varied, though the options depend quite a bit on the type of measurement device you’re using, as well as the diameter of the manhole itself.

Simple Installation

Several features are included with metering manholes that make installation easy, to the point where you can simply drop one into place and be done with it after the excavation area is closed up. Secure bolts can keep it in place properly, and its corrosion-resistant and watertight features are inherent.

Manholes From Tracom

With the benefits of metering manholes in mind, it’s time to get one of your own. At Tracom, you’ll find several manholes available, though you can always work with our team for a more custom design. Contact us today to get started!

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