Benefits of Fiberglass

Flumes, weirs and other wastewater products are made from quite a few different materials. While they all have something special to offer, fiberglass has changed the game thanks to its numerous applications and benefits for all sorts of users. Learn all about the most important benefits of fiberglass.

Resistance to Corrosion

When you’re dealing with wastewater of virtually any kind, corrosion is always going to be a problem. Hydrogen sulfide may be the worst offender when it comes to corrosion, but chlorine and various other chemicals can cause serious damage as well. Fiberglass is coated with a resin that will protect against these corrosive chemicals. There are other options when it comes to how aggressive you want your protection to be. For particularly corrosive conditions, fiberglass can be outfitted with a vinyl ester or isophthalic resin in addition to surfacing veils.


Unlike other materials, fiberglass allows wastewater products like flumes to be crafted into complex shapes all from a single piece. No assembly is required, and that means more odd and unique shapes are possible without compromising the structural integrity of the flume or weir as a whole. If it’s excessively complex, it will have to be crafted in multiple pieces, but those pieces will then be chemically bonded to create a single seamless piece that looks as if it was crafted all at once.


Because of fiberglass’s versatility, one can also easily craft precise shapes to ensure that any flume or weir is dimensionally perfect. Master molds can be designed with precision in mind while incorporating tight dimensional tolerances. With this kind of accuracy, your flow rate measurements will be more accurate as well because the dimensions of any flume or weir are key to successful measurements.


Fiberglass flumes and weirs are notably durable with the strength and longevity to hold up for much longer than other materials. Its inherent corrosive resistance means the interior of the flume will hold up without much more maintenance than a periodic wash with a bit of detergent. Fiberglass material can even withstand consistent exposure to sunlight with the application of gel coats sporting UV inhibitors.


There are a lot of elements that factor into a fiberglass creation. Reinforcements, resins, gel coats and more all have to be applied, and many would think that the cost would match that seemingly excessive amount of parts. Fortunately, fiberglass is one of the more affordable materials to use. All the necessary components are fairly inexpensive, and crafting a fiberglass flume or weir doesn’t require the use of tools like cutting torches or welding rigs.

Fiberglass Products From Tracom

The benefits of fiberglass are numerous, so all that’s left is for you to get your hands on a fiberglass solution yourself. Whether you’re looking for a flume, weir, manhole or other application, Tracom has got you covered. Our team will work with you to craft the ultimate fiberglass creation suited for your unique needs. Contact us today to get started!