Month: July 2018

Different Options for Fiberglass Manholes

While some flow management operations choose to install their primary device directly in channel, others will need to incorporate their device into a fiberglass manhole. Using a fiberglass manhole means having your flow management device, such as weir, in a contained environment where it will be safe from damage and easily accessible to operators. What …

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Important Information about Stilling Wells

Turbulent flow can cause a big problem for water management operations. If the flow in your system is particularly turbulent, it can be virtually impossible to take the accurate measurements that you need. Fortunately, whether your system employs flumes or weirs, correcting the problem of turbulent flow can be easily accomplished by installing a stilling …

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H Flume Facts

When you’re looking for a flume for your water management system, one of the most important factors is picking an option that’s low maintenance. In this regard, there’s almost no better option than the H flume. Because of their limited need for maintenance, H flumes are used in a variety of applications, including industrial operations. …

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