Palmer-Bowlus Flume Advantages

If you know anything about flumes, you know there is a flume for almost every flow management need. For example, if you need to measure sanitary flows, your best option is investing in a Palmer-Bowlus flume, a device designed for this exact purpose. Before you purchase your Palmer-Bowlus flume, it’s a good idea to learn a little more about this device, including its many benefits. Check out some of the advantages of the Palmer-Bowlus flume, and find out why you should install this flow management device in your system.

Design and Installation

The best reasons to choose a Palmer-Bowlus flume for your sanitary flow measurement needs is simple design and ease of installation. This flume was created specifically to be incorporated into existing pipes and channels, which is why the design of the Palmer-Bowlus flumes is much less complex than other flumes you could use in your operation.

Palmer-Bowlus flumes are also easy to install. Unlike some other flumes, the Palmer-Bowlus flume can be set directly in the channel. This flume can also easily be connected to an existing pipe, which is why it’s such a popular choice in sanitary flow operations.

Throat Cross-Section Modifications

With some flumes, the lack of standardization can be a bad thing. Not so with the Palmer-Bowlus flume. The cross-section of every Palmer-Bowlus flume will have a distinct U-shape. The throat of this flume, however, can be modified to meet the needs of your operation.

For example, if your system experiences lower than normal flows, you can have the throat of your Palmer-Bowlus flume adjusted to better handle these low flows. Where some other flumes offer a rigid design, versatility is one of the biggest advantages of the Palmer-Bowlus flume, particularly when it comes to the throat section.

Styles and Submergence

Another big benefit of the Palmer-Bowlus flume is it is available in a variety of styles, meaning you’ll be able to pick a version of this flume meeting your exact needs. For example, the Palmer-Bowlus flume is available in a style that’s perfect for an inline, permanent installation and can also be purchased in a style that’s designed for retrofitting. Whatever type of installation you’re interested in, there’s a Palmer-Bowlus flume that is ideal for you.

Palmer-Bowlus flumes are also designed to be resistant to submerged flow conditions. The submergence transitions of the Palmer-Bowlus flume are much higher than with other flumes, meaning you can install this flume in your operation without worrying you’ll have to make corrections for submerged flow conditions.

Purchase a Palmer-Bowlus Flume

As you can see, there are countless advantages of the Palmer-Bowlus flume you must consider if you need a new flume for your flow management system. If you have any questions about the Palmer-Bowlus flume, or if you’re ready to invest in this versatile flow management device, you can shop with the open channel flow experts at Tracom, FRP.

We are passionate about providing our customers with first-rate flow management devices, including the beneficial Palmer-Bowlus flume. Request a quote today and find out why Tracom is your number one resource for fiberglass open channel flow tools.

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