The Cost of Parshall Flumes

parshall flumes

When you’re looking to install a flume in your flow channel, one of the most important things to evaluate is cost. Parshall flumes are among the most common types of flumes available, and one of the major reasons for that is its reduced cost. Learn all about the cost of Parshall flumes, and discover how its varied aspects can affect the overall cost of the flume and its installation.


The most obvious factor affecting cost is size. The larger your flume is, the more costly it will be. The smallest can range from just a few hundred dollars while the absolute largest can be tens of thousands. Most sizes, however, are a few thousand dollars. Most flumes are from 9 inches to 18 inches in size, so that’s generally considered the average size.

The difference in cost is largely a matter of the raw material necessary to create the flume, but that’s just the beginning. With a bigger size, you’ll also have to deal with a more rigorous construction process in some cases along with a more difficult installation process. As the size of the flume increases, labor costs tend to increase as well.

End Adapters

End adapters can be some of the most useful add-ons for a Parshall flume, though they can add to the cost. These accessories are used to transition flow in and out of the flume in a controlled way to ensure the entire flow channel is functioning properly while also allowing the flume to take accurate measurements at the point of criticality. For the most part, end adapters aren’t used on flumes larger than 24 inches.

While end adapters may seem like a small add-on that will add some extra cost, they tend to double the overall cost of a Parshall flume. This is due to the sheer amount of value that they offer to your flume. Flow transition is simple with end adapters, and they’re virtually a necessity in piped flows. Plus, you can also modify inlet adapters to help with flow conditioning.

Additional Accessories

Quite a few different features can be included in your flume that will increase the overall cost. These accessories come in many different forms, though the most common are flow conditioners. Energy absorbers and perforated plates are typical accessories you may have to consider. Of course, you can optimize the end connections as well with manhole transitions if necessary along with wing walls.

Some other common accessories include items used for flow/level management and parameter monitoring. Stilling wells can be an important add-on, but they can be costly. Staff-level gauges, on the other hand, are relatively inexpensive. Additionally, you can customize your flume with different colors, recessed grating, and enclosures, all of which will drive up the cost.

Flumes from Tracom

With the cost of Parshall flumes in mind, it’s time to take advantage of the best deals. That’s where Tracom can help. Our mission is to grant you affordability without sacrificing quality, and our team will let you customize your Parshall flume as you see fit to ensure you get all the quality you need for years to come. Contact us today to get started!

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