Types of Manhole Tops

dome top lid manhole

Packaged metering manholes are useful devices for those looking to measure flow rate in underground channels or any other applications in which surface access isn’t really possible. To get the most out of your system, you’ll need to determine the proper kind of manhole top to use. Learn about the various types of manhole tops, and discover which would work best for your needs.

Domed Tops

A domed top is one of the most common tops available for a manhole, as it’s especially fit for applications in non-traffic areas. The shape of the top makes it easy to notice, and it doesn’t get in the way of traffic if there isn’t any in the area to begin with. That’s why you’ll find them often implemented in grassy areas set off the beaten path. Keep in mind that while this kind of top can often be strong enough to withstand the weight of a vehicle, it’s not generally applicable for high-traffic areas.

A domed top allows for easy operator access. Most domed tops come equipped with useful locking mechanisms that can prevent unwanted access. Additionally, you’ll find many equipped with a fail-safe open gas strut that prevents operators from becoming trapped inside. Plus, you’ll find the top sealed and prepared to last through the years, keeping out any problematic debris from the surrounding area.

Flat Tops

When you implement a flat top, you’ll find yourself with a manhole cover that’s perfect for integration into areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. Because the tops are flat, they blend in seamlessly with the ground, eliminating any potential for trip hazards. You’ll find these tops integrated into public squares, sidewalks and other places that get a lot of pedestrians.

You’ll find quite a bit of diversity among available flat tops, and the right one will depend on your unique needs. A standard flat top, for example, isn’t watertight, but you can opt for a watertight option if that’s what you need. You’ll even find gastight options available. Just remember to keep the manhole away from vehicular traffic, as they’re typically not rated for that kind of weight when it comes to standard options.

Traffic-Rated Tops

If you need to implement a manhole into an area that gets vehicular traffic like a street or a parking lot, you’ll want to get a traffic-rated top. These are functionally similar to flat tops, but they’re much stronger and can withstand much more weight. With that strength comes increased cost, which is why there are distinctive markets for pedestrian-rated and vehicle-rated tops.

Despite traffic-rated tops being much stronger than other flat tops, you don’t necessarily have to expect a hefty installation process. In fact, depending on the material you opt for, vehicle-rated manholes can be relatively lightweight. With a drop-in-place design, installation is easy and cost-effective.

Manholes From Tracom

With the different types of manhole tops in mind, you’re ready to get one of your own. That’s where Tracom is happy to help. Take a look at the variety of manholes we have to offer, or work with our team to develop a custom design perfectly fit for your flow channel conditions. Contact us today to get started!