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Since 1986, TRACOM has been partnering with companies across the nation. We create and install fiberglass products for wastewater management and other industrial and construction projects. Our goal is to become the #1 trusted source for durable fiberglass products, and each day we are one step closer. Our dedication to quality, our wide variety of products, and our customizable product options make us a top choice among the industry.

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One of our customers’ favorite parts of working with TRACOM is our wide selection of fiberglass products. We believe as a top fiberglass product company, it is imperative to provide and install the necessary products for each of the projects your business needs. This is why we offer multi-purpose consoles and shelters, fiberglass flumes, manholes, other products and accessories.

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Searching for Additional Fiberglass Product Information? Looking for the latest information on fiberglass products? Read our recent blog articles below. With over 30 years of professional experience, TRACOM is your source for fiberglass products. Feel free to browse our website for specific product information or to call 877-435-8637 for any questions you have.

Advice for Installing a Weir Box

When you’re installing a flow management device such as a weir box, making sure that your device is installed correctly is the best way to guarantee it will work correctly. Because the steps for installing a weir box correctly are so precise, it’s a good idea to review the process

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Differences in the H Flume Series

If you need to measure and manage flow easily and accurately, installing an H flume can be an excellent choice. For those who aren’t familiar with these flumes, however, choosing the right style can be difficult. The H series of flumes comes in three different varieties — the H flume,

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What Flow Meter To Use for Flow With Surface Foam?

In addition to finding the right primary device, choosing a flow meter is crucial if you want to accurately measure flow in your system. Finding the right flow meter, however, can sometimes be difficult, particularly if the flow in your operation possesses certain characteristics. If there’s foam in your weir

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Frequently Asked Questions About Montana Flumes

A Montana flume is one of the top flow management devices that you could install in your system. If you’ve never used this style of flume before, however, then you probably have a few questions about the device and its benefits. Here is a Montana flume FAQ that should tell

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Fiberglass Manhole Maintenance

A fiberglass manhole can be a big investment, and if you’ve recently installed one of these manholes in your flow management operation, you want to be sure that your device lasts as long as possible. Fortunately, keeping your manhole in tiptop shape isn’t as difficult as you might believe, especially

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Tips for Cleaning Your Weir Pool

Weirs are highly versatile flow management tools, but they do require some regular maintenance to function the right way. For example, because the weir functions by damming flow in a channel, solid materials can easily build up in the weir pool, which will affect the accuracy of the weir. If

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Open Channel Flow Devices FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Open Channel Flow Devices The open channel flow industry can be a lot more complicated than many people imagine. For instance, there are many flow management devices available, all of which have their strengths and weaknesses. Check out this open channel flow FAQ so that you’ll

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Protecting Parshall Flume From High Velocities

A Parshall flume is one of the best flow management devices that you could install in your system, but if you want your device to work properly, the flow entering your flume must have certain characteristics. Parshall flumes work by accelerating flow through the flume, and if the flow entering

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Pros and Cons of Weir Boxes

A weir box is one of the many tools that you could choose for your flow management needs, and like every flow management device, weir boxes have specific strengths and weaknesses. To help you decide if a weir box is the right tool for your operation, it’s important to take

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Best Flume for Measuring Stormwater

If you need to measure stormwater flows, it’s important to choose the right flow measurement device. Measuring stormwater flows can be extremely difficult, especially since flow rates are inconsistent and the flow is likely to contain several different types of debris, which is why choosing a dependable measurement device is

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The Ins and Outs of RBC Flume Maintenance

If you’re looking for an ultra-portable flume that you can use in a variety of outdoor applications, there is no better option than an RBC flume. These flumes are ideal for measuring outdoor flows, such as in watershed monitoring, and can easily be transported between measurement sites. While RBC flumes

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Places You Can Install a Trapezoidal Flume

Flumes come in so many styles that it can be hard to know which flume is right for your application. For example, you may have heard that the unique shape of the Trapezoidal flume makes it suitable for a wide range of flow management operations, but does that mean that

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Palmer-Bowlus Flume Facts

If you need a flume to measure flows in an industrial setting, the Palmer-Bowlus flume is your best choice. Designed specifically for wastewater and sanitary flows, Palmer-Bowlus flumes can hold up under the toughest conditions possible while providing the accurate readings that you want. If you’re not familiar with these

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Montana Flume Installation

A Montana flume is one of the most accurate flow management devices that you could ask for, and is suitable for a wide variety of flow management applications. If you’re thinking about adding one of these flow management devices to your operation, you need to be certain that it’s installed

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A Few Easy Tips to Keep Your Parshall Flume Up and Running

If you’re in the open channel flow industry, then you probably know that there’s almost no better flow management device than a Parshall flume. Suitable for a wide variety of applications and consistently accurate, a Parshall flume is the dependable device that every flow management operation needs. After you’ve installed

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Why Weir Flumes Are Better

If you need a flow measuring device, you have two basic options: A flume or a weir. While both of these devices have their advantages, most flow management operations choose to use flumes. But why exactly do they make that choice? Here are a few facts that you need to

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Types of Flumes For Flow Management

Flumes are some of the most versatile, accurate flow management devices in the world. Whether you need to measure flow in an outdoor setting or in an indoor industrial application, you can find a flume that will more than meet your needs. Because there are so many different styles and

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Facts Everyone Should Know About Parshall Flumes

Open channel flow devices come in several shapes, sizes and styles, but when it comes to reliability and accuracy, there’s simply no beating a Parshall flume. Parshall flumes are used so widely and have been around for so long that it can be easy to take for granted just how

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RBC Flume Facts & Installation

Choosing the right flume for your flow management operation is of the utmost importance if you want long-term success. Not every flume is suitable for every application, making it crucial that you do your research before investing in a device. The RBC flume, for example, provides very accurate readings and

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Maintenance and Installation Tips for Your H-Flume

When it comes to open channel flow management devices, there’s almost no beating an H-flume. You can install an H-flume in any number of applications and know that you’ll get accurate readings that lead to consistent success. If you’re interested in using an H-flume in your operation, then you want

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