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Since 1986, TRACOM has been partnering with companies across the nation. We create and install fiberglass products for wastewater management and other industrial and construction projects. Our goal is to become the #1 trusted source for durable fiberglass products, and each day we are one step closer. Our dedication to quality, our wide variety of products, and our customizable product options make us a top choice among the industry.

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One of our customers’ favorite parts of working with TRACOM is our wide selection of fiberglass products. We believe as a top fiberglass product company, it is imperative to provide and install the necessary products for each of the projects your business needs. This is why we offer multi-purpose consoles and shelters, fiberglass flumes, manholes, other products and accessories.

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Searching for Additional Fiberglass Product Information? Looking for the latest information on fiberglass products? Read our recent blog articles below. With over 30 years of professional experience, TRACOM is your source for fiberglass products. Feel free to browse our website for specific product information or to call 877-435-8637 for any questions you have.

An Overview of Packaged Metering Manholes

When you’re running a water management operation, packaged solutions for your flow management and measurement systems are vital to keeping your processes streamlined while still maintaining accurate control and readings. Packaged metering manholes are among the best ways to fulfill these needs, and they offer a massive number of benefits

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Your Guide to Fiberglass Control Panel Consoles

Control panels are essential to every single aspect of wastewater management and water treatment facilities. These are areas where your control and monitoring instruments, equipment and displays are kept, and they’re often enclosed units that are integral to your overall operations.  Control panel consoles can be found at just about

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When to Use Domed Tops for Manholes

Manholes are one of the best tools for accessing a flume or vault that measures the flow rate of an underground wastewater channel. They come in various sizes and lengths, making it easy for workers and monitoring agents to reach the measurement device no matter how far down it is.

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What You Should Know About Weir Boxes

If you’re looking to measure the flow of piped water, there’s no solution quite like a weir box. These handy devices are used to provide accurate measurements you can count on, provided you’re dealing with a flow somewhere between 10 and 500 gallons per minute. Before you get a weir

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Sections of a Flume

Before you can figure out what kind of flume is best for your wastewater flow system, it helps to understand the different sections of a flume and how they work together to provide the accurate flow measurements you need. Here are the most important sections of a flume you need

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Replacing Staff Gauges

Flow rate can be measured in several ways when using a flume or weir box, but one of the most common methods is with a staff gauge. These simple measuring devices don’t require advanced technology or power; you just need a clear line of sight. While convenient, they won’t last

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Manhole Top Styles

When you’re looking to install packaged metering manholes for your flow rate measurement needs, there are several top styles to consider. The kind of top you have on your manhole plays a major role in its overall functionality and how it interacts with the surrounding environment. Learn all about the

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The Importance of Flow In Pipe Slopes

Flumes are used to provide flow measurements to monitor a variety of wastewater flow rates. To obtain accurate readings, a flume has to measure a flow that meets certain factors. If those requirements aren’t met, the equations are thrown off and the measurement will be inaccurate. One of the most

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Why Use Manholes In Water Treatment

For the most part, the water we use is recycled. When wastewater is expelled by a private or public entity, that wastewater is sent to the local wastewater treatment plant, where the harmful organisms and other pollutants are removed before the water is sent back out into the general supply.

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Fiberglass Shelter Doors

A fiberglass shelter is a great way to keep a variety of equipment safe from the elements with all the climate-controlling ventilation and security you need. While there are plenty of aspects that go into these shelters, the doors are among the most important. Here’s everything you need to know

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What Are Montana Flumes?

One of the most popular styles of flume you can get for measuring flow rate is a Parshall flume. While these flumes have a lot to offer and have been popular for decades, there’s a modified version that may better fit your unique needs. This modified version is known as

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Types of Fiberglass Shelter Ventilation

Fiberglass equipment shelters are among the best options for protecting valuable and vulnerable equipment from the outside elements. One of the most important aspects of these shelters is ventilation to keep the equipment housed within in good condition. Fortunately, there are several options available when it comes to ventilation. Learn

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What are Some Tips for Measuring Flows Underground?

Flow channels are relatively easy to measure given the right equipment, assuming they’re on the surface. For underground flows, however, the process is a bit more tricky. Fortunately, there are solutions you can employ to get the proper measurements you need. Learn about the most important tips for measuring flows

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Parshall Flume Materials

Parshall flumes are among the most popular and widely used flume options out there, thanks to their well-researched applications and equations and their relatively easy installation. Before you commit to a Parshall flume of your own, however, you need to make sure that you opt for a flume that will

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Removing Foam From Flumes and Weirs

When you’re looking to get accurate measurements from flumes and weirs, there’s one annoying substance that can make the process difficult. Foam can compromise your measurements and defeat the entire purpose of flumes and weirs, so it’s important that you know what to do about it. Here’s how to deal

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How do I How to Use an Ultrasonic Sensor?

Several options are available to measure flow rate using flumes and weirs, and one of the most popular methods is by implementing an ultrasonic sensor. These handy devices are quite advanced, yet their application is simple enough that anyone can use one properly, provided it’s installed appropriately. Learn how to

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Benefits of Using a Trapezoidal Flume

You can choose from plenty of flume designs when looking for solutions to your flow measurement needs, but one of the more popular options is the trapezoidal flume. While the trapezoidal flume is relatively modern compared with other designs like the Parshall, there’s still a wealth of research that makes

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Parshall FLume Benefits

Several flume designs are available that you can implement into your flow channel for measuring purposes. While certain flume shapes and designs are only applicable under some conditions, the Parshall flume is consistently among the most popular in a variety of scenarios, from dam seepage and municipal sewage to irrigation

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What You Need to Know About Flume Types

There are a wide variety of flume types to choose from, and the flume that’s best suited for you depends on your situation and the kind of channel you’re dealing with. To make sure you get a flume that can offer the precise flow measurements you need, you’ll need to

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Ultrasonic Flow Meter

There are numerous options for measuring flow using a flume or weir, but one of the most popular methods is implementing an ultrasonic flow meter. This high-tech solution can provide accurate readings without all the requirements of a staff gauge. Of course, these meters have their own set of requirements

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