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Since 1986, TRACOM has been partnering with companies across the nation. We create and install fiberglass products for wastewater management and other industrial and construction projects. Our goal is to become the #1 trusted source for durable fiberglass products, and each day we are one step closer. Our dedication to quality, our wide variety of products, and our customizable product options make us a top choice among the industry.

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One of our customers’ favorite parts of working with TRACOM is our wide selection of fiberglass products. We believe as a top fiberglass product company, it is imperative to provide and install the necessary products for each of the projects your business needs. This is why we offer multi-purpose consoles and shelters, fiberglass flumes, manholes, other products and accessories.

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Searching for Additional Fiberglass Product Information? Looking for the latest information on fiberglass products? Read our recent blog articles below. With over 30 years of professional experience, TRACOM is your source for fiberglass products. Feel free to browse our website for specific product information or to call 877-435-8637 for any questions you have.

Optimizing Approach Velocities For Parshall Flumes

Parshall flumes are among the most popular and well-researched types of flumes available for a variety of flow channel conditions. Given the equations and numerous applications available, Parshall flumes have been used all over the world. If you want to get the most out of yours, however, you’ll need to

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Most Common Irrigation Flume Problems

Flumes can be applied to a variety of different flow channel conditions, but one of the most common applications is for irrigation. Water commissioners, water rights consultants and more make use of flumes to measure flow rate. Unfortunately, there are several problems that can arise during the process that you

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How Does Pipe Slope Affect Flume Operation?

Flumes work by measuring flow rate at the point of criticality as water passes through. For these measurements to be accurate, the flow has to reach criticality in the flume. Being subcritical or supercritical will throw off any measurements. While there are numerous factors that go into facilitating proper flow

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Common Errors in Weir Installations

While a weir can be a convenient solution for flow channel measurement, there are problems that can arise. For the most part, these problems are due to improper installation. They can manifest in several different ways, so it’s always best to be wary of them beforehand to ensure that your

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Benefits of Fiberglass

Flumes, weirs and other wastewater products are made from quite a few different materials. While they all have something special to offer, fiberglass has changed the game thanks to its numerous applications and benefits for all sorts of users. Learn all about the most important benefits of fiberglass. Resistance to

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Benefits of End Adapters

One of the best available flumes is the Parshall design. It’s been around for nearly a century, and extensive research has been done on its design allowing for easy adjustability to a variety of different flow channel conditions without sacrificing the accuracy of flow rate measurements. There is a potential

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Types of Flume Materials

If you’re looking to install a flume in an open channel system, there are quite a few considerations when it comes to finding the right fit. In addition to the various types and designs available for flumes that cater to different channel conditions, you’ll also have to choose the material

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Stilling Wells: Everything You Need to Know

A stilling well is sometimes a necessary addition to a flume or weir box system, as it can help slow down the flow at certain points. This is to ensure that the flow reaches criticality at the opportune moment to allow for accurate flow rate measurements. While there are some

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How do Wave Suppressors Help With Surface Water Turbulence?

In any flume or weir box, accurate measurements depend on a steady and controlled flow rate. While many factors can affect the integrity of that flow rate, what matters most is avoiding turbulence that can severely throw off any measurements. Fortunately, tools are available to help keep the flow steady

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How to Properly Install a Flume

Proper installation is the key to a successful flow rate measurement using a flume. If the installation isn’t conducted properly, there’s really no way to consistently get accurate flow rate measurements, so you should take great care when setting up a flume. Fortunately, you can ensure your installation goes smoothly

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Weir Cleaning For Most Accurate Flow Readings

While flumes are largely self-cleaning, you’ll have to go a bit further when it comes to maintaining a weir. Weirs require regular inspections and cleaning if you want to maintain accurate flow measurements. Fortunately, the process is relatively simple. Learn everything you need to know about how to clean a

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Common Problems with Pipe to Flume Transitions

Flumes come in many different shapes and sizes, and that allows them to fit in a wide variety of open channel systems. That includes pipes as well, provided the water flowing through isn’t pressurized or filling the entire interior of the pipe. Flumes can be a useful method of measurement

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What are Common Problems Associated with Flume Installation?

Flumes can be incredibly helpful for measuring flow rate, but there are some potential problems that can come with the installation process. Unless all the necessary steps are taken with close attention to detail, your measurements will be thrown off, rendering the effort pointless. Here are the most common problems

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Why Use Fiberglass Parshall Flumes

Flumes are among the best available solutions when you’re looking to measure flow rate in an open channel system. As long as the approach velocity is controlled well enough, a flume can provide reliable measurements for years and even decades. Out of all the materials and styles available, however, fiberglass

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Why Use Fiberglass Enclosures

Though it may seem paradoxical, water treatment and water management instrumentation and equipment can be very fragile and sensitive to damage. That means you need to protect it against the elements as best you can so that you can continue your business. Without a doubt, the best option to shield

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What Are Fiberglass Weir Boxes?

In water management systems, the single most important factor in operations is the ability to get consistent and accurate flow measurements. While there are many tools that can be used to take readings, one of the most important out there is a weir box. These boxes allow for accurate and

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What are The Different Types of Fiberglass Flumes?

Water management, including wastewater and water treatment operations, relies entirely on the ability to take good, accurate measurements and manage water flow. When it comes to open channel flow operations, one of the most important tools you need for your system is the right flume. Flumes come in a wide

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Why Fiberglass is A Sustainable, Green and Sturdy Material

Every day, more companies involved in wastewater and water treatment are discovering the benefits of choosing fiberglass structures for their operations. From full shelters for equipment and workers to smaller shades to protect outdoor instruments and beyond, fiberglass provides outstanding protection for all of your business needs.  There are plenty

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Fiberglass Panel Shades: Protecting Your Instrument

Protecting sensitive equipment is an essential part of any water management and wastewater business. What many businesses don’t realize, however, is that outdoor instruments and electronics need to be protected just as much. In fact, given that these tools and meters are constantly at the mercy of the elements, they

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Benefits of Fiberglass Shelters

Protecting your workers and equipment is an essential part of any company. Sensitive tools, electronics and other equipment are constantly at risk for damage, and keeping your operators out of the heat of the sun is vital to protecting them. When your workers get sick or hurt, it hurts you

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